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"A Real Find and a real 5 star album

Bob Martin was a total unknown to me. However, when looking at CdBaby this CD came up on a search when I looked up various more established artists who's music I liked. So I sampled the tracks and knew it was something for me right away.

I don't recall specifically which artists I was looking up when this gem popped up-I believe it was some of the artists who record for the ECM label, though I wouldn't compare Mr Martin to anyone specifically that records for that label, apart from perhaps some very early Pat Metheny (around the "Watercolors" and "New Chautauqua" era). If you like those 2 recordings, then I highly recommend this.

Martin uses primarily acoustic guitars along with occasionally very clean sounding electric guitar (a very warm and beautifully jazzy sound).

There's also at times an abundance of hand percussion-and since no other players are credited it appears that the percussion is possibly from a software computer program, though very acoustic and human sounding for sure. I'm not sure where the bass sound is from-either Martin playing an electric bass himself, using samples, or maybe even a bass setting on a guitar synthesizer.The notes don't make this real clear.

At times you have long pieces of jungle percussion and acoustic guitars which sound like an epic journey through a rainforest. Other selections are beautifully quiet-like something that you might hear on a really good Windham Hill recording from the early 1980's-but actually better (at least to me) and more evocative than the artists that label featured back when it was new and only featured "New Age" music. Once in awhile, a jazzy piece comes using scales and chords closer to some more mainstream jazz artists. This is ALL done quite amazingly. Martin never makes a misstep here-and this album covers a lot of ground without losing a unified vision. There some beautifully quiet, ethereal pieces, and i'm very glad to see that Martin is not afraid to lay down very long pieces that allow the listener to lose oneself in the music without it ending prematurely.

The date on this appears to be from 2002. Well it took me nearly a decade to discover it, but it really is timeless. There's nothing dated on this that would ever prevent me from enjoying it just as much 30 years from now.

If only Mr Martin would do some more recordings..."

Gary Hayden, via CD Baby


" ...Martin's lush wash of six-stringed layers that suggest a big, big sky...And when Martin solos, extant melodies sometimes bubble to the surface. It's like faces in the sky; you stare at clouds long enough you're bound to see someone you know."

Frank DeBlase, City Newspaper, Rochester, NY, December 2006


'"I've got your CD in my treatment room and it's great! It's just the right combination of good guitar with low key approach. My clients are aware, sort of, that there's music, but they're not distracted by it, and in fact, it adds to the overall feeling of relaxation, rest and healing."

Cassandra Adler, Massage Therapist, Seattle, WA


" ...I have been using your CD for my Yoga classes. A few of my ladies have fallen in love with it... It really is a great CD. We especially like it for our meditation at the end. Thanks for the wonderful relaxation and peace you bring us every class!"

Sue Soule, Rochester, NY

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